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<< > 1)Is Tem Ray dead? He kinda took a nasty spill there.
 Oh? The movie skipped that part? I forgot... In the TV, when White Base
 took an emergency pitstop at Side 6 (?), the non-repair related crew took
 a R&R in downtown. Amuro spotted his father and chased him down to a
 junkyard, and found that Tem has suffered from severe brain asphyxiation
 and amnesia. In this state, Tem has no more sense for the rest of the
 world, was unmoved when Amuro told him of his mother, all Tem can talk
 about is the technobabble about "upgrades" to the Gundam. But the so
 called "upgrade" parts were no more than junk circuits Tem picked from the
 junkyard. Having left his mother somewhat estranged and discovering his
 father brain-damaged. Amuro has now lost his entire family. After this
 episode, Amuro became a lot tougher and more focused, but it also
 contributed (along with the death of other people he loves) to his desire
 to "retire" at the end of OYW and later his relutance to increase his
 involvment in Zeta.
 I am surprised it got cut in movie III, it's a subtle but important part
 of Amuro's life.

It wasn't cut. I think he is referring to the fall Tem took when he came
out of his apartment while he was insane.


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