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Well, actually, what I meant was when he was cheering the Gundam and all, he
fell down the stairs of his apartment and held his hand up for a minute
before it fell limp....

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> Chris Maier wrote:
> > 1)Is Tem Ray dead? He kinda took a nasty spill there.
> Oh? The movie skipped that part? I forgot... In the TV, when White Base
> took an emergency pitstop at Side 6 (?), the non-repair related crew took
> a R&R in downtown. Amuro spotted his father and chased him down to a
> junkyard, and found that Tem has suffered from severe brain asphyxiation
> and amnesia. In this state, Tem has no more sense for the rest of the
> world, was unmoved when Amuro told him of his mother, all Tem can talk
> about is the technobabble about "upgrades" to the Gundam. But the so
> called "upgrade" parts were no more than junk circuits Tem picked from the
> junkyard. Having left his mother somewhat estranged and discovering his
> father brain-damaged. Amuro has now lost his entire family. After this
> episode, Amuro became a lot tougher and more focused, but it also
> contributed (along with the death of other people he loves) to his desire
> to "retire" at the end of OYW and later his relutance to increase his
> involvment in Zeta.
> I am surprised it got cut in movie III, it's a subtle but important part
> of Amuro's life.
> > 2)What happened to Ma Kube?
> Others have answered.
> > 3)What was the signifigance of that big spectre behind Dozul and The
> > Byg Zam? Kinda confused me. I assume it might have been to point out
> Consider that either Dozul's spirit or his rage. Japanese mythology holds
> that a person's (especially a jealous woman) hate and rage can condense
> into a evil spirit, I think the spectre was something related. And yes,
> Amuro's Newtype senses are at work here.
> On a related note, I am only beginning to realize how ghosts and spirits
> are very much a part of Gundam Universe. ghosts are intimately connected
> to Newtypes and they can sometimes effect changes in the physical world.
> For a realistic mecha show, Gundam is not entirely secular.
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