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1) I don't remember seeing anything explaining whether or not he died
in that fall. I always assumed he did, but I could be wrong.

2) In the TV series, he fights Amuro in his Gyan, and I seem to remember
him dying. However, that was nearly 20 years ago, so I may be
mistaken. In the movies, he makes it to Axis and I don't think he's
heard from again.

3) It's supposed to be Amuro's Newtype abilities showing him how evil
the Zavi's are. It is explained in more detail in the novels. From
this, he begins to realize that to end the war, the Zavi's have to be

Joaquin Torres

Chris Maier wrote:

> 1)Is Tem Ray dead? He kinda took a nasty spill there.2)What happened
> to Ma Kube?3)What was the signifigance of that big spectre behind
> Dozul and The Byg Zam? Kinda confused me.I assume it might have been
> to point out to Amuro who the real enemy is, or to back away from the
> coming explosion. Chris

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