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>From: Chris Maier
>Making it four Gundam series I've seen. Wow! The drama was really
>intense, and you really felt for the characters, even if it was a
>condensed adaptation of 43 TV episodes. Although the animation was
>dated, it did'nt really bother me, and I thought a lot of the scenes
> in Gundam Movie III looked good(Although they were probably
>reanimated for the movie). Anyway, I do have a couple of questions...
>1)Is Tem Ray dead? He kinda took a nasty spill there.


>2)What happened to Ma Kube?

In the original series, he battled Amuro in a Gann inside the Texas Colony.
He almost got Amuro too... In the movie version, he managed to rescue
Douzel's widow and made their way to Axis.

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