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Jim Huang wrote:
> He spend two pages on it. If I really have to boil it down, is that he
> felt being married and being a "hero" does not mix.

Ah that's disappointing. Nothing more than a dogma.

> Also, you have to remember, I belong to the school of Gundam fan
> that believe that if human can live on Moon, Space, Mars, and
> Jupitor, a nuclear winter on Earth just equalize the condition across
> Earth sphere. The Earth's surface will be no colder than what's
> around the space colony. The radiation is no worse. The food is
> supplied from Spacenoid anyway, so that will not change. The
> energy? H^3 fusion reactor. There is no good reason why Moon
> City style structure can not be constructed on Earth. Earthnoid will
> just have to endure what Spacenoid had been forced to experienced
> for generations, by Earthnoid.

Ugh... I never think of it this way... It makes the spacenoids so petty
and jealous.

Quoting Mark here:
Side-ism is "a nationalist belief that the space colonies should be
independent from the planet-bound Earth Federation."

This is only a matter of self-determination. You leave me alone, I leave
you alone.

More Mark:
"According to Daikun's ideology, known as contolism, it is humanity's
destiny and obligation to move into space. Earth will thus be allowed to
return to its natural state, while the human race will experience an
evolutionary and spiritual leap in adapting to its new home. Daikun
predicts that the spacenoids will evolve into what he calls newtypes, a
new breed of space-born human, and that the political independence of the
space colonies is a necessary step in the progress of the species as a

So Daikun believed that humans should go to space. But there are two
possible ways to interpret that right? One version goes, the hash space
will make people better, so everyone should go. The other version goes,
if you want to stay, you can vegetate all you want, but don't try to rule
over me.

"Equalizing conditions across Earth Sphere" by winterizing Earth is rather
different from "allowed to return to its natural state". Maybe Char has
forgotten his father's dream?

The other great exemple of "equalizing conditions" was when Chairman Mao
decided that the quickest solution to inequality was to destroy the wealth
and comfort of the elite class.

I guess that's why I see CCA so differently from everyone else. Growing
up under the shadows of Communism, I thought right away Char's plan was so
ridiculous and everything just fall apart from that point on... E.g. I
really couldn't see how it fits any "sense of justice" in Quess, when she
chose the greater of two evils. Hence my very low judgement on her.

> I do not see it that way. After all, Char never mentioned the
> Earthnoid as weak or sick.

Living in the comfort of air, warmth, abundant food, clean water, low
radiation, and refuse to endure the hash life in space. That's the
weakness. The phrase Spacenoids like to use is "their souls are trapped
by the gravity well".

> To me, it's the matter on how do you stop people from wrong doing
> and oppress others. Same way as Bright "correct" Amuro.
> Everyone "correct" Camille. etc. Char was attempting to "correct"
> Earthnoids. Both Char and Amuro agree that what Earthnoid was
> doing was wrong. The disagreement is on how to correct it, or can
> people reform themselve without outside force.

Both Amuro and Camille (and Usso) were corrected by outside forces
(usually in form of a fist, or solitary confinement). But a black eye
will heal itself, no one ever think about correcting Amuro by cutting off
his legs, or correcting Usso by scorching Kasarelia. That's not
punishment, that's petty vengeance.

> Char: So am I a sacrifice?
> Amuro: Maybe it's in your family

If Char choose to be the sacrifice, it's heroism, if Char decide someone
else is the sacrifice, it's monstrosity. Char's figured out family
tradition is not such a sweet deal after all.

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