Sat, 17 Jun 2000 02:14:17 -0400 (EDT)

Brett Jensen wrote:
> James Boren wrote:
> > Have you seen any Turn-A? It seems like you'd like Loran and many of
> > the other Turn-A charas.
> This is Core, the tomino-maniac, of course he would. ^_^

hmm I don't know I qualify as Tomino maniac. of the Tomino Gundam that I
saw (0079, Z, ZZ, CCA, F91, V), I love 1, really like another, and the
other 4 range from "not bad" to "crappy". Of the non-Tomino Gundam that I
saw (0080, 0083, 08MST) I love 1, really like another and hate the last.
So overall, I would say Tomino is miss more than a hit. But damn, when he
hits, he hits it deep.

> I'm personally dying to see some Turn-A. I've been impressed with Brain
> Powered, so I know Tomino's still got it.

I want to see Turn-A too, and I think I will tough it out (it sounds
slow). If this is Tomino's swansong, I will definitly give it my most
careful attention.

Name: Core
Patient ID: #1
Condition: Critical

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