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> >> >9. incorporate multiple protection layers. (e.g. systems to disrupt
> >> >the optics of enemy gun sights, or missiles. And an Active defense
> >> >system to knock down incoming projectiles)
> >> hmm...sounds very anime-ish. Active defense could be likethe
> anti-missile
> >> defenses of ships...but optical disruption?
> >The latest Russian tank already incorporate some of the
> specification. You
> >can say that US Army took some of the specifications from real life
> >counterpart.
> uhm, details please? oh, and sorry about the private
> ISP mail
> server is kinda weird.

I was watching Discovery Channel program on modern tanks and anti-tank
weapons. One of the favorite tank killing stragety is to fire a missle that
will explode above the tank (where its armor is thinner) and killing the
crew. The Russian countermeasure actively seeks out the missle with its
radar and launch the anti-missle flaks (the best way I can describe it) and
destroy the missle.

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