Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 22:04:26 -0700

>Yeah, I tried....but they said I need the name of the runner....and I tossed
>the runner!

You mean part number and product name wasn't enough information for them?

>They also said it would be difficult, since it is "a hobby, not
>a toy" or something to that effect.

What a lame excuse. It's not like it's not a product sold by Bandai of
America... I wonder how knowledgeable their staff is. When sighting of
Chinese-made bootlegs was reported to them, they thought it was the
Japanese original being sold by other importers, not realizing the Bandai
logo was blatantly missing on the lower right corner of the box.

>Admittingly, I'm still not the perfect moddeler-parts kept falling out of
>the back skirt of the Zaku III(Huge kit!) I was trying to construct
>yesterday, so I just gave up on them(They're not visible from the front,
>anyhow). You could say I'm not ready for Master Grade.

Practice makes perfect. :)


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