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Hi Blackeagle:

> >Come on, not all american animation are bad. Fritz the Cat and Sout Park
> >were both excellent.
> I didn't state it explicitly in that particular instance, but all my
> comparisoms to american animation were to theatrical releases, not TV fare.

Fritz the Cat and South Park are both theatrical releases, though neither are
SF. If the Transformer movie can be counted as Sci Fi, that is pretty good in
it's own right. Even without all the fancy CGI special effects. The guy who
did Fritz the Cat also did Heavy Traffic, Wizards, Lord of the Rings, American
Pop, Fire and Ice, & Cool World. He is called Ralph Bakshi and also did the
some of the original Spider-Man TV cartons. He's not bad, and his animation
usually has a lot of sexual contents and a healthy dose of realistic violence.
Check him out!

> SNIPPAGE of my own stuff...
> I think part of the reason I have Indpendence Day so much is that I saw it
> about a month after reading the novel 'Footfall' for the first time. Since
> Footfall is probably the best alien invasion story ever written, seeing
> Independence Day so soon after just drove home the shortage of good, smart
> SF in American movies.

Actually Independence Day was a pretty bad film, but I really enjoyed it even
with all the plot holes and SF inaccuracy. It's a Summer flick that managed
to be entertaining, which is much more than I can say about snooze fests like
U-571, Airforce 1, Con-Air...
> Massive Snippage
> Well, I don't count Toy Story as Disney, I think of it as a Pixar film.

Okay, in that case Disney does suck. Hercules, Tarzan, Mulan, and Dinosaur
are all pretty bad. But Dinosaur does look gorgeous. I am thinking of going
to watch Fantasia 2000 (proper pronunciation is Fan-Tah-See-Ah, according to
my pipe organ teacher), maybe it would buck the trend and actually be worth

> >The character design were plain average Don Bluth fare, and to tell you the
> >truth it really bugs me. The way the rotoscoped characters move about and
> >speak just didn't look right for me, there is something so un-natural and
> >exaggerated about it which takes away the enjoyment of the movie as a whole
> >for me.
> Again, I liked the character design. It aint anime, but I thought it was
> effective.

Don Bluth did the animation for Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Land Before Time,
All Dogs go to Heaven (YUCK!), An American Tale (Gack!) and Anastasia. And
I think a lot of the exaggerated motion that I disliked in Titan A.E. are
from the song and dance routine style of movement he is so fond of in those
other films/games.

> Well, BS6 uses much less CGI. I haven't watched my tapes lately, but IIRC,
> all the backgrounds were hand drawn and only the mecha/sub shots were CGI.

Right, and I like BS6 much more because of that. Blending some CGI into hand
drawn stuff is aesthetically more pleasing to the eyes (mine) than trying to
put hand drawn characters in all CGI stuff.

> > > The plot isn't that deep, nor that original, but it stands up pretty
> >well.
> >
> >I'll have to disagree with on this one. The plot just DIDn't hold up at
> >all:-
> I'll respond to some of these, but I think it generally falls under
> suspension of disbelief. Thus it varies from person to person.

I think this also has to come down to whether one enjoys the movie or not, since
I do not particularly like Titan A.E., I am more inclined to find plot holes to
nitpick than for something I enjoy (Independence Day for instance).

One last thing that I have to mention is the terrible rock tunes in Titan A.E.,
they just simply don't work for Sci Fi type settings. Give me classical like
Legend of Galactic Heroes over the terrible rock songs anytime. Yes, I hate the
terrible rock style anime songs with a passion too, Bubble Gum Crisis has to be
the worst.

> Like I said, it's not 0080 or Memories or Macross Plus, but I think it's is
> better than nearly all American made animated movies.
> BTW they played the Mission Impossible themed Chicken Run trailer before
> Titan A.E. It's totally the opposite direction from anime, but it looks
> hillarious!

My boss went to a free preview showing of Chicken Run yesterday (while I am
watching my free Titan A.E. showing), and supposedly it was good. I really
liked Aardman's Wallace and Gromit shorts, but find the Chickens incredibly
annoying in Chickent Run for some reason. For some really awesome jawdropping
stop motion animation, go rent some Vladmir Starevic stuff, they are great!

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