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> > I think part of the reason I have Indpendence Day so much is that I saw
> > about a month after reading the novel 'Footfall' for the first time.
> > Footfall is probably the best alien invasion story ever written, seeing
> > Independence Day so soon after just drove home the shortage of good,
> > SF in American movies.
> >
>Have you read the Striking The Balance (not sure if that's the name) series
>from Turtledove? Set in WWII, very good. And sort of funny, in a way.

Striking the Balance is the last book of Turtledove's Worldwar series. I've
read the whole series. It's good, but I think Footfall is better.

>Anyway, ID4 was an homage to old '50s alien invasion movies, wasn't it? It
>supposed to be simple and just action. If you can send a computer virus up
>an alien system with your Mac or whatever it was, then don't expect to
>anything else going on in that movie.

Now that's cross platform compatability!

> > Well, I don't count Toy Story as Disney, I think of it as a Pixar film.
>True. Disney's input was minimal.
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