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> IIRC, the novels did mentioned that the inhabitants of the
>were gassed by the Zeon (Book I, pg 97). Furthermore, one of
>Takahashi/Kondo's manga had specifically shows the gassing of one of the

This isn't meant to contradict anything you've said, but I thought I'd
mention that we have seen a colony get gassed (it was in a flashback in the
08th MS Team, but I don't remember which ep. off the top of my head).

> While the gassing might not have been to *solely* provide an empty
>colony cylinder to accelerate into Earth, it's the most probable reason.
> The interior of the colonies are, as you said, given mainly to
>residence; although military bases like that in 0080 is likely, I don't
>think it's justification enough for the gassing of the whole cylinder. If
>the hub area had been gassed (where military ships are likely to be
>concentrated) but the gassing contained to within the hub area only, it's
>still a somewhat justified military tactic. Gassing the main cylinder is
>plainly targetting the civilians within.
> What's worse than gassing? NOT gassing them before sending the
>cylinder into the Earth.

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