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> Whatever. I learned what I've learned from experince. I used to be like
>this, but learned the hard way that someone that doesn't watch a whole
>before judgement missies stuff. Sheesh!, you cannot judge a show just on
>dialogue. I hate nit picky stuff that's unreasonable.
> Anyway, some hate GW and some love GW. You dislike it, I like it,
>no reason to go round and round about it. Everyone has different likes and
>dislikes and it gets silly to go round and round about it. How many more
>times must someone start up the whole hate/like GW issue? This has happened
>like 3 times now in the last several months and this is getting just plain
>silly. Everyone who disagrees needs to agree to disargee. I HATE this whole
>AC vs. UC conflict.

I'd point out that for some of us it has nothing to do with AC vs UC, it
just has to do with what we like and what we don't.

I've seen every episode of GW and I don't like it. Why did I watch every
episode even if I don't like it? It was on TV and I'm a college student,
I've got nothing better to do.

<little voice in back of chris's head: 'What about studying?'>

<chris: 'shut up voice!'>

> Let's talk about something that's not silly.

I guess that rules out G Gundam. :-)


Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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