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> > into this movie with very mixed expectations. On one hand, I really
> > I'd finally get to see an american attempt at a reasonably serious
> > SF film. On the other hand, I've been burned by my expectations of
> > animation before.
>Come on, not all american animation are bad. Fritz the Cat and Sout Park
>both excellent.

I didn't state it explicitly in that particular instance, but all my
comparisoms to american animation were to theatrical releases, not TV fare.

> > How good was it? Well, Titan A.E. falls into a couple of categories, so
> > really depends what you compare it too.
> >
> > Titan as a SF action movie:
> > Titan compares very well with most live action hollywood SF. I'd put it
> > there with the first two Alien flicks, the Terminator movies, Predator,
> > It's no 2001, but it's miles ahead of junk like Independence Day and
> > Godzilla (blech).
>I find Independence Day much more entertaining than Titan A.E. and it is no
>where in the league of the first 2 Alien and Terminator. I know
>Day is pretty bad, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine and seeing the United
>States blown up (New York and Washington in particular) just gives me the
>for some unknown reason.

I think part of the reason I have Indpendence Day so much is that I saw it
about a month after reading the novel 'Footfall' for the first time. Since
Footfall is probably the best alien invasion story ever written, seeing
Independence Day so soon after just drove home the shortage of good, smart
SF in American movies.

> > Titan as an American animated movie:
> > Here also, Titan stands up pretty well. It's comparable with the best
> > that's come out in recent years (Toy Story, Antz, Iron Giant, etc.) and
> > loads better than anything Disney has produced recently.
>I actually kindof disliked Iron Giant because I found the kid Hogarth
>annoying, granted, he is not as annoying as the Pepsi girl. But the part
>he was yelling "you can fly" when his face contorts make me want to throw
>Vin Diesel did a great job as the Iron Giant though. Toy Story 2 counts as
>Disney and I personally liked it a lot.

Well, I don't count Toy Story as Disney, I think of it as a Pixar film.

> > Titan vs. Anime
> > Well, it's not in the same league as Memories, Macross Plus or 0080.
> > said, it's much closer in spirit to anime than anything else that's come
> > of hollywood.
>That I agree, but I still wouldn't recommend this movie to fellow anime
>The plot was exceedingly stupid.
> > Some specific notes:
> > One thing I really liked about the movie is the voice acting. It
> > the recent trend in animated movies of using celebrity voice actors
> > Damon, Bill Pullman and Meg Ryan). In many of these movies (even ones I
> > liked like Toy Story and Antz) seem to almost show off their famous
> > It's impossible to forget that these are big stars. Titan really didn't
> > give me this impression. The voices just seem to blend so well with the
> > characters, that while I was watching I never thought of Damon or Ryan.
>Funny, I recognized Matt Damon's voice almost immediately and kept thinking
>about him when watching Cale move about on screen. This was really a king
>distraction because images of him as the Talented Mr. Ripley kept popping
>in my mind. BTW, Akima's voice actress was Drew Barrymore and NOT Meg
>Drew Barrymore is a terribly actress and even worse as a voice actress, I
>her voice extremely grating. Bull Pullman, John Leguizamo, and Janeane
>all did pretty good jobs as the secondary characters. Too bad they can't
>up for the shoddy voice-acting of Matt Damon (he is not that bad, but not
>either) and Drew Barrymore (trully terrible).

My bad on the Barrymore thing. I guess we just disagree on the voice acting
(perhaps because I haven't seen The Talented Mr. Ripley).

> > The character design was good. The character design style is actually
> > further from anime than recent Disney movies. It seems closer to the
> > animated series with some classic Disney and modern comic book touches
> > anything else.
>The character design were plain average Don Bluth fare, and to tell you the
>truth it really bugs me. The way the rotoscoped characters move about and
>speak just didn't look right for me, there is something so un-natural and
>exaggerated about it which takes away the enjoyment of the movie as a whole

Again, I liked the character design. It aint anime, but I thought it was

> > Some of the film's visuals are truly impressive. There's actually one
> > where I thought it got a little gratuitous, but most of the time it's
>I think I know what you mean, is it the part where the space ship is flying
>with a bunch of space jelly-fish (forgot the name)? That part was gorgeous
>completely gratuitous.


> > handled in a more understated fashion. Titan uses conventionally
> > characters with a mixture of drawn and CG backgrounds. Occasionally,
> > are problems integrating the two (this mainly seems to happen when the
> > camera's POV is moving around the character, the CGI background is nice
> > fluid, but the cell animated character isn't).
>True that, true that. They just do NOT belong together, Blue Submarine 6
>kindof the same problem. But the Otomo type character works much better
>the Don Bluth type for me. Plus the movement seemed more natural for BS6,
>TAE character animation just move too awkwardly for me.

Well, BS6 uses much less CGI. I haven't watched my tapes lately, but IIRC,
all the backgrounds were hand drawn and only the mecha/sub shots were CGI.

> > The plot isn't that deep, nor that original, but it stands up pretty
>I'll have to disagree with on this one. The plot just DIDn't hold up at

I'll respond to some of these, but I think it generally falls under
suspension of disbelief. Thus it varies from person to person.

>First, if the Titan can be so powerful and destroy all the Drej then why
>they activate it in the first place? Okay, they can argue that the project
>wasn't completely finished at the time, but by the time the father was done
>finishing off the ship he could have immediately activated the ship to wipe
>the Drej instead of getting "assasinated". The fact he didn't even attempt
>create another earth immediately stripped the movie of all credibility.
>Second, when they bad guy was chasing after Cale and Akima in the ice
>they don't even have a sonar or radar type of sensor that can pick up
>ship. Come on! I'd believe after more 1000 years from now we would have
>sort of better sensor equipment that do not rely solely on visual
>detection! We
>have better equipment now than they do 1035 years in the future!

Well, if you want to get real here, there's no way the ice ring could be
that thick (this is true of most movie asteroid fields, including the one in
ESB). Real asteroid fields & rings are mostly empty space.

>Third, Cale and Akima were at least a couple of days behind the bad guys
>yet they still found the Titan A.E. first. This is not counting the fact
>are on a derelict spaceship that is like 15 years old which they just
>patched up
>using junky spare parts.

Considering the movie didn't directly show any real FTL system, theres no
way any of these people could get anywhere in a resonable amount of time.
You just gotta go with it.

>Fourth, the bad guys were stupid enough to yell at each other at the top of
>their voice and talking about their master plan THROUGH AN OPENED DOOR, and
>our heroes eavesdrop on them. How stupid are they?!?!
>Fifth, the eagle people have no means to fight against the Drej and were
>sitting ducks waiting to be shot down. I would assume an ancient wise race
>aliens to be have higher tech than that.
>Sixth, the part when the two guys jump from the cockpit of the damaged
>into the space craft in near VACUUM of the outer space while "Exhaling",

Actually, it's possible for the human body to withstand hard vacuum without
permanant damage for a few seconds. And exhaling is exactly what you would
want to do, there's no way to hold your breath against a vacuum

>...the list continues but I won't bore you guys.


> > belong. The movie's play on the old 'let's dress up and sneak past the
> > guards routine' is pretty funny.
>I liked that part too, it was really funny. "An intelligent guard!" really
>cracks me up.


> > Overall, it isn't perfect, but it's going in the right direction. I
> > they follow it up with something even better.
>Yes, I agree that it's a major step in the right direction, but it still
>quite up to snuff. Give me 0080 over this anyday.

Like I said, it's not 0080 or Memories or Macross Plus, but I think it's is
better than nearly all American made animated movies.

BTW they played the Mission Impossible themed Chicken Run trailer before
Titan A.E. It's totally the opposite direction from anime, but it looks


Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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