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Anaheim Electronics bought out a lot of Zeon military companies in the
aftermath of OYW. One thing I don't think they got is the Flanagan Agency,
and all of their work. Flanagan Agency's work on Newtype was transfer to
the various Titan backed research labs such as the Murasame Lab in Japan,
Augusta Lab in North America and an unnamed lab in New Guineas. Murasame
Lab probably inherited the bulk of Flanagan's work on Strengthen Human, with
other labs getting the other nationalized technology.

Similar to their work on Type 100, which is AE's first stab at creating a
movable frame mobile suit based on hearsay and rumor, I think Bio-Sensor is
AE's attempt at Psycommu Control System created by the Murasame Lab (PCS is
on Psycho Gundam, Psycho Gundam Mk. II and Bound Doc). Since they really
don't have any of the hard data that the Titan labs have, all they have is
sort of the white paper specs on it.

They want to create a thought control system that will fit in a standard
sized mobile suit. And the result is the unreliable bio-sensor, which as
best as I can see it, passively scan the pilot's brainwave, and make guesses
about what the pilot want to do, and sort of pre-arrange that to happen.
For the most part of the show (Zeta), it really isn't a focal point of the
mobile suit. On the last episode, when Camille summons the spirit of his
dead comrades and channels it thru the bio-sensor, it worked like a charm.
(Though I wonder if Camille's brain getting fried is a side effect of this,
and not just Paptimus Scirocco offing his parting shot).

I think there are only 3 or 4 mobile suits with this kind of Psycommu
System, Zeta, ZZ, The O and possibly one of the Sentinel Gundams. Now, I
can understand perfectly why Anaheim Electronics licensed this technology to
the Titans (Good paying customer), but why would Paptimus Scirocco buy it?

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