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>>Tye climate inside the farmsats will vary with the type of crops being grown,
>>but more often than not it'll probably be tropical or subtropical, in which
>>case you'll definitely need a roof (unless you like several showers every day)
> Are the farmsats big enough for a climate system? I understand the
> main cylinder is big enough for storms to actually occur, and we do see an
> example of this in 0080, when Chris and Alfred get caught in one. But what
> is the minimum size necessary for such a "self correcting", for the lack of
> a better word, climate system?

Only O'Neill Island 3/Gundam closed type colonies are large enough for wather,
because you need at least 1.5 km of "ceiling" for even the lowest clouds to
form. The bases of low clouds generally lie between 1,500 and 2,000 meters
(4,875 to 6,500 feet). The bases of mid-level clouds typically appear between
2,000 to 6,000 meters (6,500 to 20,000 feet). High-level clouds form above
6,000 meters (20,000 feet). Low and mid-level clouds are possible, but not high

The good news is that there'll never be enough "headroom" for thunderclouds or
low enough temperatures for hail. The bad news is that rain is likely to be a
thrice-daily event due to "island effect" -- the thermodynamics of the airflow
just about guaranteee water vapor saturation in the morning, afternoon and
evening. And, since almost all of the airflow is cylonic, "dust devil" type
wind funnels are probably quite common.

> Just how big is the Federation presence in space prior to the OYW?

Well, again, up until Zeon declared independence circa UC 0058, no one thought
of themselves as anything BUT the Federation. If you mean Earthnoid versus
Spacenoid, the Powers That Were (Federation government and Colony Management
Corporation) were absentee landlords, but most of the positions of real power
were held by people who were Earthnoids in name only, since they lived in space
just like the Spacenoids. ("I'm from Iowa. I only WORK in space.") If I were
to hazard a guess, I'd say it was on par with the ratio of Communists to
non-Communists in the Soviet Union. Only 10% of the population of the USSR were
members of the Communist Party and only 10% of the Communists were in the

> It seems insane for Zeon to attack the other Sides, especially when
> Zeon's aim was specifically for the colonies to gain independance from the
> Federation control (if I understand the background well enough..). It's like
> a sort of "If you are not my friend you are my enemy" kind of idea.

Which is exactly how the mindset works. "If you're not one of Us, you're one of
Them!" "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!" "We
are the Chosen of [insert Deity here] and all others are damned!"

> IIRC, the novels did mentioned that the inhabitants of the colonies
> were gassed by the Zeon (Book I, pg 97). Furthermore, one of
> Takahashi/Kondo's manga had specifically shows the gassing of one of the
> cylinders.
> While the gassing might not have been to *solely* provide an empty
> colony cylinder to accelerate into Earth, it's the most probable reason.

Again, I've never seen anything to suggest that the colony was gassed just so it
could be turned into a missile. It's far more likely that it was gassed for
strictly military or political reasons ("Join us or die!" "Seig THIS, Zeon!"
"OK, you asked for it!") and that some bright boy suddenly realized the military
potential of an orbiting 32km by 6.4km hollow concrete cylinder.

> What's worse than gassing? NOT gassing them before sending the
> cylinder into the Earth.

Now THAT would a propaganda bonanza for the opposition. In fact, one wonders if
the Feds didn't report that the colony WAS pushed out of orbit with the
population intact. What're the Zeon going to do, broadcast video of a colony
full of dead people? And how do they prove it was video of THAT colony?

> Cima was one of the characters I find very interesting and to an
> extend, admire. Unfortunately, data on her is sketchy at best. Do you have
> any online source for her, or any books that has background details om her?

Just the fanzine UC Herald 2, which has a review of Mayfly of Space.

Mark, you want to jump in here?


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