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> Whatever. I learned what I've learned from experince. I used to be like
> this, but learned the hard way that someone that doesn't watch a whole series
> before judgement missies stuff. Sheesh!, you cannot judge a show just on
> dialogue. I hate nit picky stuff that's unreasonable.

You're right. But what I'm talking about is throughout the show and dialogue is
a big part of whether I like a show/movie or not, that's all. Again, it only
took watching one subtitled episode of Blue Submarine #6 to figure out that it's
in Japanese. I don't have to watch the entire series before I make that
judgement. The only series you can't judge based on dialogue are ones like the
old Pink Panther and Roadrunner cartoons.

> Anyway, some hate GW and some love GW. You dislike it, I like it, there's
> no reason to go round and round about it. Everyone has different likes and

Again, you're right. The only reason I went on and on was try and keep what
I said straight. The original thing I answered to talked about how some people
do or don't like GW *because* it has the name Gundam attached to it ("It's not as
cool as other Gundams", "It's my favorite Gundam show", etc.) but I was saying
that what I didn't like about it had *nothing* to do with its name or what series
it was attached to. Simple.

So, seeing as how some of the Gundam Weapons books have been reissued... any
chance of a reissue of the one for 0080?


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