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I think that the lines uttered by Heero and the other guys are fine, with
the exception of Quatre. Most of the speechs in Wing are mostly uttered by
Zechs, Relena, Trieze, and Une, in my opinion. But everybody else seems to
talk normally, at least to me.

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> Alfred Urrutia wrote:
> > But how would you rate how the lines are delivered and what is said?
Again, I'm talking
> > about lines that tell the viewer the obvious even though it's not
> Could you give an example of the kind of lines in Wing that bug you
Alfred? I'm still not
> sure that I understand what you mean. I mean it's not like Heero is Mojo
JoJo or something...
> Heero: I will kill you Zechs, Yes...Kill you I will, that is too say that
I, HeeroYuy will
> kill you Zechs Merquise, Until you Zechs Merquise are quite dead!
> I don't think there are unessisary lines in MS Gundam, and Zeta. but there
are the Looong
> death speeches. ^_^
> ---Brett Jensen
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