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<< I have not listened to every Poison album yet I know that those guys suck.
 have not listened to every Pink Floyd song (less than a quarter, actually)
 I know that they are really really good. To take your argument beyond Gundam
 series, you cannot then say whether anime, as a genre, is good or bad unless
 you watch *every* series? I doubt that. You've seen enough. I saw enough
 Macross (the first two episodes) to know it was cool and I wanted to see the
 rest (actually it was Robotech, but close enough). I saw enough of Eva to
 I liked it. I saw enough of Nadesico to know that I loved the mecha but
 the show. I have not seen enough of Wing to judge its *story* or message,
 Less than a tenth of it, not in order. But the dialogue is obvious. >>

  Whatever. I learned what I've learned from experince. I used to be like
this, but learned the hard way that someone that doesn't watch a whole series
before judgement missies stuff. Sheesh!, you cannot judge a show just on
dialogue. I hate nit picky stuff that's unreasonable.

  Anyway, some hate GW and some love GW. You dislike it, I like it, there's
no reason to go round and round about it. Everyone has different likes and
dislikes and it gets silly to go round and round about it. How many more
times must someone start up the whole hate/like GW issue? This has happened
like 3 times now in the last several months and this is getting just plain
silly. Everyone who disagrees needs to agree to disargee. I HATE this whole
AC vs. UC conflict.

  Let's talk about something that's not silly.



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