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> He's right. Also, its not wise at all to debate an Gundam show IF you have
> not seen every episode. I have learened this though experince, things are
> missed if you haven't seen every episode of a particular series. Even if its
> little things. A Gundam series as to be taken as a whole and someone cannot
> do this, IF they have not seen every episode.
> Aaron

I have not listened to every Poison album yet I know that those guys suck. I
have not listened to every Pink Floyd song (less than a quarter, actually) yet
I know that they are really really good. To take your argument beyond Gundam
series, you cannot then say whether anime, as a genre, is good or bad unless
you watch *every* series? I doubt that. You've seen enough. I saw enough of
Macross (the first two episodes) to know it was cool and I wanted to see the
rest (actually it was Robotech, but close enough). I saw enough of Eva to know
I liked it. I saw enough of Nadesico to know that I loved the mecha but hated
the show. I have not seen enough of Wing to judge its *story* or message, no.
Less than a tenth of it, not in order. But the dialogue is obvious.


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