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<< Well, It's not quite as bad as you make it out to be. What you describe
was the last episode. There
 is always alot of blathering and exposition in the last episode of most
series. >>

   I agree, its not THAT bad. Every Gundam series I've seen has several times
that the "main" characters on both sides of the conflict debate/discuss their
ideals and morals before, after or during battles or duels. Every Gundam
series I've seen preaches a bit, just some more then others. This is another
reason why I like Gundam so well, the battle of ideals.

  While I like mecha battles a lot, I do get tired of all battle and nothing
else. So much stuff is heavy on battle and low on explaining the reasons for
fighting. No one fights for no reason. I like Gundam too because each show is
so complex,involving and interesting, that it blows a lot of other shows
away. You can't predict what most characters are going to do, in the first
watching of a Gundam series.


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