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Brett Jensen wrote:

> So if they take a break from blowing stuff up to say something thoughtful for a minute it's stupid and pointless? Geez, you must hate the Patlabor movies. Yeah, I
> doubt you'd like Zeta.

You're putting words in my mouth. And I've been confusing. I don't mind the idea, just the lousy execution of it. Sort of like, a movie built around martial arts
is not really a bad thing. The "American Ninja" series of movies failed horribly at it. See? Making a small, economy car is a good idea. The Pinto was one of the
worst cars ever conceived. I'm just saying that the stuff coming from the characters in the Wing series is *too often* grating.

> So Was victory gundam, but that still managed to be one of the best UC series.

Who wrote that one again? I'll bet it wasn't the team that did Wing.

> It's not goofy if you watch more than one episode.

It's goofy precisely based on one episode. Otherwise it's like saying that cigarettes don't taste like crappy burning leaves and smoke if you smoke enough of them.
Yes, they do, you just get used to them and get tuned to which ones "taste" better. No way people would smoke those things if they had no nicotine high and weren't
addictive. So, even if I watch Wing all the way through 10 times in a row I'm not going to all of a sudden start appreciating goofy lines from the characters.
I don't, not in animated movies and TV series or live action. Unless they're *supposed* to be goofy, which I assume from your defense of Wing that it isn't.


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