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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> Oh, equally idiotic. I just noticed much less of it in 0083. You see now why I prefer 0080 or the movie Spriggan? There may be some preachy shit or useless
> plot revealing, like that scene on the boat in Ghost In The Shell, but the bulk is acceptable. I roll my eyes too too often when watching Wing.

So if they take a break from blowing stuff up to say something thoughtful for a minute it's stupid and pointless? Geez, you must hate the Patlabor movies. Yeah, I
doubt you'd like Zeta.

>I guess it was just written, from the onset, for a younger crowd.

So Was victory gundam, but that still managed to be one of the best UC series.

> Going back to the original argument, I don't dislike it because it doesn't follow the Gundam ideal or
> whatever, I dislike it because of that goofy dialogue.

It's not goofy if you watch more than one episode.

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