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<< Those aren't the latest Acroyears, the LEDs are. The ones you spoke of are
 the Magne power Ardens that came out with the super Microman series. They
 are VERY cool! They are also some of the hardest of the new stuff to find.>>
Yes, I know they aren't I've been following the new Microman figures since I
first heard about them.

<< Yeah... Takara is re-using allot of old Transformer molds instead of making
 new toys, so the truck is just a re-vamped transformer. The changeable armor
 on the new ones is going to be really cool. I can't wait to get those
 myself! >>

Will the truck transform or is it just the mold they are using, without the
transforming stuff? All of the new Micromen will have changeable armor?


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