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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Could you give an example of the kind of lines in Wing that bug you Alfred? I'm still not
> sure that I understand what you mean. I mean it's not like Heero is Mojo JoJo or something...
> Heero: I will kill you Zechs, Yes...Kill you I will, that is too say that I, HeeroYuy will
> kill you Zechs Merquise, Until you Zechs Merquise are quite dead!

Hahahaaa, "My theory, which is mine..." (old Monty Python skit). There was one particular
stream. I don't know Wing too well but I take it it was near the end of the whole story. Zechs
(the guy with the mask, right?) is in his mech and he comes upon one of the Fab Five who is
about to destroy something, a space base or whatever, that they're both inside of. Explosions,
fire, all that, and in the middle of it all the two mechs are standing face to face and Zechs
starts going on about how the other guy should live and fight because he is pure and he fights
for a good cause etc etc. I know that qualifies as a death speech, but there are dozens of
times when the mech driver is shown in the cockpit, staring out into space, and you hear his
thoughts. His lips aren't moving. And he goes on about how this guy or that is a great warrior
or how he swears that he will use his Gundam only for good or whatever. Stuff that sounds good
when you write it on a note for someone but sounds stupid when you say it out loud. I'll try
and write some instances down next time I catch it.


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