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I remember there was an old parody on the ML about the Gwing Boys. Each
of their mechs transformed into some animal type thing. It was about
changing the gwing boys into the power rangers. I lost my copy of it
when I got my new comp, anyone still have it or knows where I can find it
again? :) ^_^

Soimichiro Watanabe wrote:

> If you're into multiverse mech storylines, you should
> check out Super Robot Wars alpha!
> The Jion Forces, Titans, and OZ get into some strange
> alliance.
> The Zendrati are after the SDF which fell into earth,
> and in an attempt to destroy it, have caused the
> second impact.
> Near the rings of Saturn, a strange ships keeps watch
> over it's next target, earth.
> Dr. Hell has been in contact wit several alien races
> and are preparing to conquer earth.
> -hmm, everyone's after earth...
> Anyway, if you can read a bit of Japanese, you'll love
> this game. Everyone form Getter-robo to Giant Robo to
> Mazinger Z to Z Gundam to RX-78 to F91 to EVA01 to
> Sachiel to SRX to Gunbuster... you know what I'm
> getting at. The game has cool graphics, wonderful
> spite animation and stuff.
> If you just want pure gundams, go for the SD Gundam
> G-Generation-0 game. I'd also recommend that.
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