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>Are you referring to the ice planet populated by psuedo-american-indian
>tribes? That ((was)) quite impressive, but it was really a high point
>amidst the obvious decline of the comic (at that point, "why the hell are
>we still fighting Karza?" had become a recurring theme). And let's not
>forget that one of those primitive culture was a "Gangster Planet" lifted
>straight from a Star Trek episode. I really like the Michael Golden & Paul
>Smith eras of the Micronauts comic, but it really did go into a decline
>after the ((second)) time they killed Karza.

Yes, you remember correctly. then there's also that one where we go back
into Acroyear's past, about this lover-bodyguard of his who sacrifices her
life for him...yet another impressive story...then we have the one about
the secret of Princess Mari's legs. there were some really good stories.

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