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Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:44:32 -0400

> Most of our toy sales are college-aged Star Wars/Trek fans, although many
> of them remember enough about Tranformers to be impressed at our display
> case (won't describe it here, hate to come off as an ad), even if few ever
> buy any of them. Got an interesting reaction the other day whan one of the
> new crop of college-aged Wing fans discovered we had one of the old
> Chogokin Gundams. He was completely ignorant of the fact that Gundam toys
> go back to 1979! I'd bitch about youngsters these days, but I'm only
> myself.

Aahhhh! That explains it! Most younger people I talk to don't know what a
Micronaut or Microman is either.
I do find that most know of Transformers and GIJoe though.
Ackk.... kids!

Jeff C

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