Chris Maier (
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 12:55:53 -0400

I just had a thought-if Gundam Wing becomes popular enough, does anybody think that we'll see the Endless Waltz/Miller's Report movie in American theathers? It's not all that far-fetched-apparentally Digimon and Dragonball Z are on their way to theathers(I imagine DBZ is gonna get trampled by critics because of the lousy dub and the fact that the last movie was released some 6 years ago), and Gundam is starting to catch on, despite the fact that GW is in reruns. Still, with Endless Waltz and 08th Ms team both delayed, I can't help thinkng that maybe Bandai is maybe considering showing the movie editions of the two series, or at least Endless Waltz:Movie edition

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