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Thu, 15 Jun 2000 23:03:07 -0700

>> We've actually got the blue space station the plane/battleship in our
>> store, but it drives me crazy that none of our customers know what the
>> they are!
>Yeah... in fact allot of sellers don't know what the heck they are either.
>Is your clientel pretty young?
>Most people around 30 do remember Micronauts enough to pick one out on a

Most of our toy sales are college-aged Star Wars/Trek fans, although many
of them remember enough about Tranformers to be impressed at our display
case (won't describe it here, hate to come off as an ad), even if few ever
buy any of them. Got an interesting reaction the other day whan one of the
new crop of college-aged Wing fans discovered we had one of the old
Chogokin Gundams. He was completely ignorant of the fact that Gundam toys
go back to 1979! I'd bitch about youngsters these days, but I'm only thirty


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