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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> Something similar happened in the world of novels. After Isaac Asimov's death, his wife authorized three other authors to write a trilogy based on his Foundation series. Although they were alright, they, IMHO, did not match up with Asimov's original work. They introduced plot inconsisitencesm and then had to work hard in the final novel to return to Asimov's original setting. I'd fear something like that happening, even with side stories. Perhaps it would be better to continue on and further the timeline rather than doing side stories. At least that way, no plot problems occur.

Unfortunately, the timeline's already pretty filled out. As for the Asimov-Tomino connection, I would actually prefer if someone else would pick it up. While Tomino laid the groundwork for a great setting, I actually prefer the non-Tomino stories such as 0083, 08th MS Team, 0080. The best Tomino story I like is F91, followed by CCA, and Zeta.

However, as is apparently in vogue with many series creators (ie Macross), revisionism has set in with Tomino. While 0083 and 08th MS Team have created small problems themselves, IMO Tomino has created more inconsistency himself in the Gundam timeline with Turn-A. While he originally created a relatively realistic mecha story for the original series, Tomino is trying to get away from it, changing Gundam into something it isnt/wasnt IMO. I can only fear what he'd do for the next series.

Basically, what I guess I'm saying is, for God's sake let someone else create a UC series and let Katoki do the designs! ;)

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