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Something similar happened in the world of novels. After Isaac Asimov's death, his wife authorized three other authors to write a trilogy based on his Foundation series. Although they were alright, they, IMHO, did not match up with Asimov's original work. They introduced plot inconsisitencesm and then had to work hard in the final novel to return to Asimov's original setting. I'd fear something like that happening, even with side stories. Perhaps it would be better to continue on and further the timeline rather than doing side stories. At least that way, no plot problems occur.


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>><< Basically, what I'm saying is that Gundam will die when Tomino dies. >>
>> That's the way it should be. Gundam still has life left in it, but it won't
>>die until Tomino dies. It would be disrespective to create another Gundam
>>show, when Tomino dies.
> I'm not too sure about the disrespective part.. although, yes, there
>is some justification in saying that.
> I think what will happen is that Tomino will continue to extend the
>UC timeline; after his death, others will probably step in to branch out
>into side stories, but there will be no more timeline extensions.
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