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>The performance is good enough to turn our network and DSL connections into the
>major bottlenecks. It's also making access to diskettes, Zip disks, and Jaz
>disks seem painfully slow. But DVD really sings -- no more Max Headroom

        You are turning me green with envy here.... (^_-)

>Tye climate inside the farmsats will vary with the type of crops being grown,
>but more often than not it'll probably be tropical or subtropical, in which
>case you'll definitely need a roof (unless you like several showers every day)

        Are the farmsats big enough for a climate system? I understand the
main cylinder is big enough for storms to actually occur, and we do see an
example of this in 0080, when Chris and Alfred get caught in one. But what
is the minimum size necessary for such a "self correcting", for the lack of
a better word, climate system?

>There's a plan underway right now to build an orbital hotel out of external
>fuel tanks from the shuttle. They're currently thrown away after main engine
>cutoff and burn up over the ocean.

        I've heard of this; it seems a sensible idea, since it's reusing
material which would otherwise be wasted. I guess the next step in recycling
shuttle material would be a "recycling station" where the fuel tanks are
left in orbit to be either transported back to Earth for reuse later, or for
sale to other stations for orbital habitats. =)

>The colonies ARE the Federation, just as much as Earth is. But, while there
>were sympathizers in the remaining Sides, on the Moon, and possibly on Earth,
>no one else declared independence and Zeon attacked them all with equal

        Just how big is the Federation presence in space prior to the OYW?

        It seems insane for Zeon to attack the other Sides, especially when
Zeon's aim was specifically for the colonies to gain independance from the
Federation control (if I understand the background well enough..). It's like
a sort of "If you are not my friend you are my enemy" kind of idea.

>I haven't seen anything that states that the inhabitants of Island Iffish were
>killed solely to provide a colony to drop.

        IIRC, the novels did mentioned that the inhabitants of the colonies
were gassed by the Zeon (Book I, pg 97). Furthermore, one of
Takahashi/Kondo's manga had specifically shows the gassing of one of the

        While the gassing might not have been to *solely* provide an empty
colony cylinder to accelerate into Earth, it's the most probable reason.

        The interior of the colonies are, as you said, given mainly to
residence; although military bases like that in 0080 is likely, I don't
think it's justification enough for the gassing of the whole cylinder. If
the hub area had been gassed (where military ships are likely to be
concentrated) but the gassing contained to within the hub area only, it's
still a somewhat justified military tactic. Gassing the main cylinder is
plainly targetting the civilians within.

        What's worse than gassing? NOT gassing them before sending the
cylinder into the Earth.

>One of the 0083 backstory elements revealed in the Mayfly of Space radio drama
>is that Cima Garahau was from Mahal and that, after the war, she had no
home to
>which to return, making her rejection by Axis all the more poignant.

        Cima was one of the characters I find very interesting and to an
extend, admire. Unfortunately, data on her is sketchy at best. Do you have
any online source for her, or any books that has background details om her?

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