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> Do not buy the very first assortment of the little Microman figures, buy
> Super Micromen, as they are more poseable and each has their own unique
> weapon. The LED ones are even better, as all their weapons combine into
> big gun for Arthur and their shields do the same.

I would suggest the LED or Laser series more. The Super Micromen are pretty
cool, but have some problems of their own. (The pelvis will not stay put
amoung other things).
The LEDs are just as posable, plus you get more stuff with them.
If you want to go vintage, then get some of the reproductions. They are
really nice and MUCH cheaper than the originals.

> Anyone know of a place that has the three new Acroyears in stock? These
> the ones that transform into motorcycles. I can find the LED stuff easy, I
> like these better then the LED Acroyears.

Those aren't the latest Acroyears, the LEDs are. The ones you spoke of are
the Magne power Ardens that came out with the super Microman series. They
are VERY cool! They are also some of the hardest of the new stuff to find.
I would try:
This guy speacializes in Microman and is very nice. He is on his honeymoon
right now, so his reply may be delayed.
They are expensive, but have had the Acroyears you seek.

If none of these work, try some of the links from
which is my site called Planet Micro.
> I was visiting a few Microman sites and there's going to be a semi truck
> and trailer for the Micromen to use! There's also some MORE different new
> Microman figures, these are all new from the anime, not the original
> stuff. I assume these are from the comic, as the anime has been canceled
> a month or more now, not sure how long. I want the new upcoming Arthur
> will have changeable armor. The armor can be changed around to give Arthur
> several different looking configurations from the same armor. I've only
> art work, not the actual toy.

Yeah... Takara is re-using allot of old Transformer molds instead of making
new toys, so the truck is just a re-vamped transformer. The changeable armor
on the new ones is going to be really cool. I can't wait to get those

Good luck!
Jeff C

> I can give links to these sites, if anyone cannot find these sites.
> Aaron
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