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<< Yeah, First Grades are great to practice with. They are ALMOST exactly
the same as the old 1980 kits but they have polycaps now. And it's snap on
instead of glue-together. The proportions have also been "upgraded" but the
movement degrees are really low. Tons of modifications can be used. The
good thing, the price!! They are dirt cheap (cheaper than a weekly Jump comic
book!!!). So grab a couple and start playing around. As for modifications,
it may sound expensive, but seriously, DO NOT LEARN HOW TO MODIFY ON A 1/144
KIT. Usually 1/100 is a decent size to start off. But if you want to
practice, start off with a 1/60 or 1/72 kit since it's larger. Start with
taOOya plastic sheets and knives etc... before you start vacuum forming <--
very expensive too.

They don't have Polycaps. Every joint is plastic on plastic. Nevertheless,
I love them. The Gundam actually has decent movement. But the Zaku's seem
kinda limited. Also the backpack thrusters keep falling out of the Zaku's


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