Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 01:59:56 -0700

>Wee =)
>Just ordered my first MG Kit, the GP-01Fb from Actionace. I was hoping to
>get the RX-178 and the NT-1 Alex first, but I was ordering some stuff
>anyway, and they had it for a decent price (I can handle $39.99 for an
>MG). 'sides, 0083 was the first Gundam series I saw, so I suppose there's
>some justice or something in this :P What I'd like to know is why the GM
>Custom is so expensive from there ... 59.99$ seems a bit excessive, when,
>as I recall, the Yen price is only 3000?

Some stores charge more for hot/new kits - it's a common practice in
Hong Kong. Once the kit is no longer popular, you can score some real
bargains. Problem is, shipping from HK ain't cheap.

If you cruise eBay, MG kits don't go for a whole lot. You can usually
get them at about 10% over the yen price, depending on if someone else
wanted the kit bad enough. Watch out for "hidden" costs like outrageous
handling and shipping fees, though.


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