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><< Not characters in the sense that they have spoken lines, but the various
> antibodies have different personalities (shy, aggressive, anxious, friendly)
> which play off those of their pilots, and they have their own kind of
> generational conflict to resolve that echoes those of the human families...
> Thanks for the summary, it helped a bit. I have been thinking about this,
>what if the robots where actual characters themselves? Also, has this been
>done? Have a giant robot that can turn into a human to disguise itself when
>its not fighting evil or its enemies? I am trying to write a robot story, am
>am not doing too well, though. Have any suggestions of what it should be
>about? I can't settle on a theme for the story.

Well, "Giant Robots as Characters" has been done (Transformers, anyone?
Also The Iron Giant). I don't think I've seen the "human becomes a giant
robot" thing, but Ultraman comes close, and there are things like Tekkaman
Blade and Borgman.

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