Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 00:53:34 -0700

> I think that's something of a misundestanding. Tomino pretty much invited
>the Eva comparison himself, and to a large extent it _is_ a response to
>Evangelion... but it's responding to the _real_ theme of Eva, namely the
>"pity me, I'm so screwed up, I'll never get better" nihlism, rather than to
>the plot's window-dressing.
> I don't mean to come off as excessively harsh towards Evangelion. I
>enjoyed the series - and the movie - a lot, and it was interesting to see
>the grueling exploration of damaged personalities gradually emerge as the
>main point of the story. But I also thought that Brain Powered was an
>elegant rebuttal to the notion that, once wounded, you can never forgive or
>heal. Great show.

Don't you think it's somewhat hypocritical for Tomino to say or imply such
notions? I mean, this is "kill'em all" Tomino we are talking about here,
who does some pretty cruel things to his characters too. Just because
he mellowed out with age and young blood is doing his thing in a more
extreme fashion doesn't mean he has to turn the table against his past.


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