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From: "Tabby" <tabby@psn.net>

> Oh, but so much more has become apparent. While the side skirts move, the
> front ones don't, very annoying that. And let me tell you how happy I am
> that the Sazabi is another kit where neither the upper arms nore the
> are molded to actually swivel. Considering the amount of modification the
> upper legs really need, I'd almost be building new ones. Aslo, since I
> to build this as a strictly disply piece, the funnels are a little
> superfluous unless I prop some on a wire.
Yeah, that's just like the HG Z and ZZ, sideskirts move (somewhat) and the
front doesn't do anything except for swivel LEFT AND RIGHT (when you really
want them to go forward and back!!) . But for display piece, maybe you
could just kill all the joints and remold some of the legs. or maybe even
convert it into MSN04II Nightingale!!!


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