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Thu, 15 Jun 2000 22:09:52 -0700

Just opened my Sazabi kit and for the first real inspection. From previous
cursory examinations, I figured I have three problems with this kit: the
gun, the elbows, and the knees. The gross joints on CCA kits have always
looked spindly to me, the knees and elbows just don't look like they could
support much weight. The Sazabi's gun, while a fine looking weapon, seems
surprisingly small. So, I want to build bigger joints and maybe a new gun.

Oh, but so much more has become apparent. While the side skirts move, the
front ones don't, very annoying that. And let me tell you how happy I am
that the Sazabi is another kit where neither the upper arms nore the thighs
are molded to actually swivel. Considering the amount of modification the
upper legs really need, I'd almost be building new ones. Aslo, since I plan
to build this as a strictly disply piece, the funnels are a little
superfluous unless I prop some on a wire.

One other annoying thing (although it's easily fixed): Whose bright idea
was it to mount shields on the forearm? Many MS fire thier weapons one
handed, but if you really need that off-hand free, I could probably think
of a better spot to mount a shield that the forearm(the shoulder, as with
the Zaku, or even the elbow comes to mind).

Anyway, I've got plenty of time to butcher this kit. ~_~


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