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"Enriquez, Eric" wrote:
> Has anyone created a 3D model of any Gundam mecha in a CAD software package
> such as AutoCAD, MicroStation or ProEngineer. I has long been a dream of
> mine to model a Gundam but it would have to be to a inaccurate scale as
> there are no dimensional drawings of even RX-78 that I know of..

Here are some pics of a RGM-79 I started working on during a lull at
work. I haven't had much time to work on it for about a month now. It
was modeled in 3dStudio Max and based on Bandai's Mater Grade RGM-79
kit. I'd say it's about 40% done, though I'm still not entirely happy
with the head. The textures that are on it are just place holders until
the model is done and I can do some better ones. Work should hopefully
slack off a little more mid July so I should get a chance to finish it
and work on some others.

Adam Ingram
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