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Oops typo, yeah that's supposed to be their specialty, they DON'T have any
polycaps now..

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> Actually, I think the First Grade models have no polycaps, and do require
> glue. They're basically just like the old kits, with slightly better
> engineering and MUCH better proportions.
> Peter Savin
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> Yeah, First Grades are great to practice with. They are ALMOST exactly
> same as the old 1980 kits but they have polycaps now. And it's snap on
> instead of glue-together. The proportions have also been "upgraded" but
> movement degrees are really low. Tons of modifications can be used. The
> good thing, the price!! They are dirt cheap (cheaper than a weekly Jump
> comic book!!!). So grab a couple and start playing around. As for
> modifications, it may sound expensive, but seriously, DO NOT LEARN HOW TO
> MODIFY ON A 1/144 KIT. Usually 1/100 is a decent size to start off. But
> you want to practice, start off with a 1/60 or 1/72 kit since it's larger.
> Start with taOOya plastic sheets and knives etc... before you start vacuum
> forming <-- very expensive too.
> -V-
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> Subject: [gundam] "First Grade" series
> I've been thinking of using my own color schemes for Gundams, yet I
> want to get a $40 kit to screw it up by painting it. Are the first grade
> kits good if one wants to practice painting models? I've heard that they
> actually not molded in color. What I'd like to do is find a cheap and easy
> way to practice customizing model kits, and from what I've seen in terms
> price and what the kits are, the FG series would seem to be the way to go.
> Anybody know how good the parts seperation is, or if these are good kits
> customizing?
> BTW if you're interested here are some color schemes I'd like to put on
> spice up the old RX-78.
> All grey and black Titans version
> Gundam Mark II colors(Black chest)
> GM-style colors(Red chest, white core block)
> "Reversed" colors(Red chest, blue core block)
> "The Way Tomino wanted it but the toy companies would'nt allow it"
> colors(Mostly white)
> Zaku-style colors(Green, black)
> Brooks Gundam(The Gundam I saw in the Boston Globe
> remember that?)-mostly green
> Flare Gundam-The semi-star of a fanfic I'm working on. Most of the red
> and yellow bits on RX-78 are replaced with dark orange.
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