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> >> The 1GHz chip from Intel is out?
> >Dell got them first, under a Preferred Customer/Most Favored Nation type deal
> >with Intel.
> How's the performance? I heard the AMD 1 GHz chip wasn't quite worth
> it. How's the Intel chip?

The performance is good enough to turn our network and DSL connections into the
major bottlenecks. It's also making access to diskettes, Zip disks, and Jaz
disks seem painfully slow. But DVD really sings -- no more Max Headroom

And Baldur's Gate runs like nobody's business.

We just upgraded Sparky to an ASUS 300MHz Celeron. That doesn't sound like much
of an upgrade over the original 266MHz Pentium, but the Celeron is closer to a
Pentium II than a Pentium and the ASUS has a 233MHz bus where the original
motherboard had a 133MHz bus. The throughput has effectively tripled.

> >You could convert retired space shuttles into "barns" for the farmsats, just
> >settlers converted boats into barns and even houses a few hundred years ago.
> Nice idea. You can also build them out of any leftover colony
> material, since you don't need to worry about things like earthquakes or
> tornados tearing the building apart. You just need a roof over your head for
> a little while.. =)

Tye climate inside the farmsats will vary with the type of crops being grown,
but more often than not it'll probably be tropical or subtropical, in which case
you'll definitely need a roof (unless you like several showers every day) but
probably not much else. You could get by with a hammock and a lean-to, maybe.

There's a plan underway right now to build an orbital hotel out of external fuel
tanks from the shuttle. They're currently thrown away after main engine cutoff
(MECO) and burn up over the ocean. The idea is to carry them all the way up to
orbit, then come by later and string them together like beads. I suppose there
will always be leftovers like that available for some enterprising folk to adapt
to new uses.

> A thought: for a LEO satelite (which this thing basically is, until
> it decides to fall out of the sky...) to detect radio transmissions, the
> transmitter must be broadcasting long and loud. This kind of transmissions
> are likely to be strategic command posts, right? So, in a sense, these
> Brillant Pebbles are a hunter-killer weapon designed to go for the big heads..

That's the idea -- cut off the head. And go for anything that sticks its head

> Something I could never figured out about Operation British. Zeon
> killed off all the inhabitants of the colonies, right? In essense, they are
> slaugthering people who might have been sympathizing with Side 3's -- more
> accurately, Daikun's idealogy. Worse, they are showing the other colonies of
> other Sides that they would not hesitate to murder them if their High
> Command deem it necessary.

The colonies ARE the Federation, just as much as Earth is. Zeon seceded from
the Union, it's more like the Confederacy breaking with the United States than,
say, the American colonies breaking with England. Zeon was originally just one
colony in Side 3, but the Federation embargo caused the other colonies in Side 3
to unite with it. But, while there were sympathizers in the remaining Sides, on
the Moon, and possibly on Earth, no one else declared independence and Zeon
attacked them all with equal ferocity.

Except Side 6, whose announcement of neutrality was too well timed to be
coincidence. In the novels, Tomino states that Zeon and Riah were in collusion,
with Riah allowed to remain neutral in order that Zeon might have a channel
through which to continue trade for needed goods and through which it could
negotiate should things go badly, as indeed they did.

> Operation British is somewhat shortsighted. The politcal
> ramification of murdering the entire population of a cylinder to achieve a
> dubious military objective -- how effective is the colony drop, anyway? --
> can mean that even if Zeon had won against the Federation, nobody would dare
> to win them as a kind master. The destruction Zeon wrought to bring a New
> Age to mankind was just too drastic.

I haven't seen anything that states that the inhabitants of Island Iffish were
killed solely to provide a colony to drop. Most references dance around this
point, merely stating that the colony was uninhabited when it was dropped. The
suggestion is that it was depopulated as a natural consequence of the fierce
warfare and that Zeon simply used the colony because it was there.

By way of contrast, the Mahal colony in Side 3 was forcibly evacuated so that it
could be converted into the Solar Ray System. One of the 0083 backstory
elements revealed in the Mayfly of Space radio drama is that Cima Garahau was
from Mahal and that, after the war, she had no home to which to return, making
her rejection by Axis all the more poignant.


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