Soimichiro Watanabe (
Thu, 15 Jun 2000 20:58:21 -0700 (PDT)

> writes:
> << >A musical? That'd be pretty kool, giant singing
> robots and stuff.....

Lets leave THAT for Jap Sentai series ok?

> Not Quite giant robots here, but SD Gundam already
> had an episode or two
> with that.

Lets see, Sazabi takes the lead, ZZ for bass, F91 on
the drums, Rick-dom chorus, Wing 0 custom for vocals
and a Nu on the keyboards... pretty interesting stuff.
After watching Amuro's Counter-Attack, yeah, I guess
I'd like to see this...

>And although the mecha themselves weren't
> singing, Macross 7 had a
> something similar....especially in the original
> designs for the Firebomber
> Valks.

I find it odd that they use music as ammunition (no
longer as ego boosters or synch amps). But the songs
are really good; esp "Fly Away" and "Heart and Soul".
But gundams doing that (and not SD?!) would really
look stupid. --Well, the Nobel Gundam (G-Gundam) would
look cute when singing, even if not SD...

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