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> Thanks for the summary, it helped a bit. I have been thinking about
> what if the robots where actual characters themselves? Also, has this been
> done? Have a giant robot that can turn into a human to disguise itself
> its not fighting evil or its enemies?

There was a giant robot show before called Jeeg. The man transforms into the
"head" of the robot ala transformers headmasters. I never knew if he was
either machine or man - maybe some of the giant robot peeps on this list can
shed more light on it.

Transformers is a big example as well of a series with robots as characters.
How could you have forgotten this gem? ^_^

In Gundam, the equivalent would be mecha with the ALICE system that becomes

 I am trying to write a robot story, am
> am not doing too well, though. Have any suggestions of what it should be
> about? I can't settle on a theme for the story.

As far as I've seen, the focus on the people, not the robots. Most mecha
stories for me is more about character than it is about the science fiction
behind it. But I would love to see a mecha story which focuses more on
making your mind wander into a scientific focus more than watching a
character study unfold.

I liked Star Trek: TNG in this sense mainly because it teetered from
character to science fiction - keeping the series vibrant and refreshing
while watching it week in and week out.

Hope this helps,


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