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Actually, I think the First Grade models have no polycaps, and do require
glue. They're basically just like the old kits, with slightly better
engineering and MUCH better proportions.

Peter Savin

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Yeah, First Grades are great to practice with. They are ALMOST exactly the
same as the old 1980 kits but they have polycaps now. And it's snap on
instead of glue-together. The proportions have also been "upgraded" but the
movement degrees are really low. Tons of modifications can be used. The
good thing, the price!! They are dirt cheap (cheaper than a weekly Jump
comic book!!!). So grab a couple and start playing around. As for
modifications, it may sound expensive, but seriously, DO NOT LEARN HOW TO
MODIFY ON A 1/144 KIT. Usually 1/100 is a decent size to start off. But if
you want to practice, start off with a 1/60 or 1/72 kit since it's larger.
Start with taOOya plastic sheets and knives etc... before you start vacuum
forming <-- very expensive too.

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  I've been thinking of using my own color schemes for Gundams, yet I don't
want to get a $40 kit to screw it up by painting it. Are the first grade
kits good if one wants to practice painting models? I've heard that they are
actually not molded in color. What I'd like to do is find a cheap and easy
way to practice customizing model kits, and from what I've seen in terms of
price and what the kits are, the FG series would seem to be the way to go.
Anybody know how good the parts seperation is, or if these are good kits for
  BTW if you're interested here are some color schemes I'd like to put on to
spice up the old RX-78.
  All grey and black Titans version
  Gundam Mark II colors(Black chest)
  GM-style colors(Red chest, white core block)
  "Reversed" colors(Red chest, blue core block)
  "The Way Tomino wanted it but the toy companies would'nt allow it"
colors(Mostly white)
   Zaku-style colors(Green, black)
   Brooks Gundam(The Gundam I saw in the Boston Globe advertisement...anyone
remember that?)-mostly green
   Flare Gundam-The semi-star of a fanfic I'm working on. Most of the red
and yellow bits on RX-78 are replaced with dark orange.

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