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Hi Aaron:

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> << These links will be much appreciated! Thanks Aaron. By the way, these
> Microman
> toys you are talking about are all new, right? How do they compare with the
> old
> Microman toys? >>
> Will post the links in a bit, got to sort through my favorites. I cannot
> stand the old Microman toys, and never had any of them. Yes, I the figures
> are all new and the truck appears to be as well, but the truck looks a bit
> dated. Its similar to the origianl Optiums Prime's truck form. These new
> figures are awesome and are very durable. Have any specific questions? I can
> answer specifics better and in more detail.

Thanks in advance for the links.

I really liked the old Microman toys, even though the Microman themselves are
so fragile (I mean the action figures). The transformable toys are actually
pretty durable, much better than the inferior G.I. Joe toys or the other
American toys that pass for boy toys.

Here are the specific questions:-

How many different new Microman toys are there in total?
How much do they cost around?
Where do you get these toys?
How much will getting a complete set of these toys cost me?

Domo Arigato!

> Aaron


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