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> In a message dated 6/15/00 6:03:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> megaman@infinet.com writes:
> ... I was visiting a few Microman sites and there's going to be a semi truck
> and trailer for the Micromen to use! There's also some MORE different new
> Microman figures, these are all new from the anime, not the original Microman
> stuff. I assume these are from the comic, as the anime has been canceled for
> a month or more now, not sure how long. I want the new upcoming Arthur that
> will have changeable armor. The armor can be changed around to give Arthur
> several different looking configurations from the same armor. I've only seen
> art work, not the actual toy.
> I can give links to these sites, if anyone cannot find these sites.

These links will be much appreciated! Thanks Aaron. By the way, these Microman
toys you are talking about are all new, right? How do they compare with the old
Microman toys?

> Aaron


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