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Thu, 15 Jun 2000 16:31:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Tabby!

> >Microman used to be the coolest toys ever in the way you can combine kits and
> >vehicles parts to make completely new things. I had the good guy robot, a
> >black tank like thing, the huge white plane that seats 4 (wings are guns that
> >shoot the mini-plungers) and the blue white space station thingy with the UFO
> >flying saucer on top and the blue plane thing on the bottom...
> We've actually got the blue space station the plane/battleship in our
> store, but it drives me crazy that none of our customers know what the hell
> they are!

Where is your store? How much do you sell those 2 toys for? I'd love to buy
them if the prices are reasonable. I've seen them in comic book/anime cons and
they are insanely expensive. (Each little microman cost like $15!!), I'd rather
spend my money on Gundam kits or save them to buy an exotic sports car.

> >The original Microman mangas (not the insipid Marvel Micronaut comics...)
> >also were great, I've been trying to get them but couldn't find any
> >used/reprints of these classics.
> Insipid? INSIPID! Okay, maybe a little.
> You really have to give the writer Bill Mantlo some credit though, he was
> laboring under the same misconception everyone else had that the only way
> to make Micronauts and "Shogun Warriors" appealing to Americans was to come
> up with it from scratch and work from what Americans already knew(that's
> why Shogun Warriors read more like a series of Godzilla plots, American's
> were just naive when it came to the original super robots). The biggest
> problem with the Marvel Micronauts is that is was too popular for Marvel to
> cancel, so they had to defeat the Jeeg-Vader wannabe Karza
> over&over&over&over&over&over again.

That's another thing that really bugs me! I remember the Chinese translated
manga from Taiwan and anime that I read as a child in Hong Kong often has the
contents "Chinese-ized". Having the names and geographical locations changed
to a Chinese name simply DO NOT work! Fortunately, the Hong Kong translated
manga are not usually as bad as the Taiwan ones and even the anime got a bit
better towards the end. In the U.S. on the otherhand, people often completely
REDO the series from scratch or bastardize the series to something beyond
recognition, and we are left with monstrosities like Carl Macek's unholy
Robotech and the usually infantile Transformers (Microman are MUCH superior).

> tby


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