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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Hm. I was tempted to cite Nadesico as an example, but I haven't seen
> enough of the series to know how much of the Gekigangar silliness filters
> back into the real world...

Oh, my god man! See it now. The last half is absolutely brilliant.

> But that's my point... the Patlabor movies captured that feel so well,
> that it would be redundant to mimic it for an entire series unless you
> actually had something new to add. Ryosuke Takahashi, who arguably invented
> the gritty militaristic variant of the real robot genre with Votoms and
> Dougram, didn't find the Patlabor-movie motif enough to prop up an entire
> show without throwing in lots of traditional Japanese folklore, demons, et
> cetera (as in Gasaraki).

Yes but he didn't try either, now did he.

---Brett Jensen

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