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Aaron asks,

> Would you mind listing what has been done in the real robot genre? I
> haven't seen much real robot shows yet.

  Huh... I'm not sure I'm up to a definitive classification, but here are
some of the general themes that have been explored.

  Patlabor, Gasaraki

  Dunbine, Brainpowered, Galient (this one's more sci-fi though)

  Space opera (e.g. multiple planets connected by FTL travel):
  Votoms, Macross, Ideon, I think Vifam too

  Xabungle, Gundam X (for the first few episodes)

  Alien invasion:
  Layzner, Ideon, Macross

  They've also covered every possible scale, from 4 meters (Votoms and
Gasaraki) through 100 meters (Ideon). Some of the shows verge on comedy or
parody (Nadesico, Xabungle, Macross 7)...

> The mecha in BP are actual characters? I like this idea and hope more use
> it.

  Not characters in the sense that they have spoken lines, but the various
antibodies have different personalities (shy, aggressive, anxious, friendly)
which play off those of their pilots, and they have their own kind of
generational conflict to resolve that echoes those of the human families...

-- Mark

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